The National Topoľčianky Stud founded in 1921 is a specialized and unique facility of its kind for keeping traditional and sporting horse breeds. Keeping 550 horses of 4 breeds at one stud is considered to a rarity in Europe. Traditional breeds of Slovak Warmbloods, Lipizzaner, Shagya Arab and Hucul breeds are included among the breeds protected by the FAO. Visitors to the stud may also experience a horse or carriage ride. The stud co-organizes horse race days as well as many show jumping competitions. The only hippology museum in Slovakia is also very popular among the supporters of hippo-tourism.


Bison park: In the unique bison park of Piesky, which is situated only 6 km away from the centre of Topoľčianky, visitors may see a free-ranging herd of European bison. The forest surrounding the bison park is a paradise for hunters.

Cycling and walking tourism

Cycling fans may use a cycle path which is 554 km long and runs through the Nitra region. The path begins in the village of Vinodol, runs through the Žitava Uplands and finishes in Topoľčianky. The path runs beside the ruins of Hrušov Castle which stands out above the thick and dark forests of the Tríbeč Mountain range and the walls of which have witnessed far-back history. It was originally built for an army garrison in Matúš Čák’s network of castle fortifications. Hrušov Castle is currently a very popular destination for medium-difficulty walking-tours.

Game keeping and hunting

With an area of 11,131 ha, an extensive game-preserve founded in 1903 belongs to the largest in Europe. The animals kept in the game-preserve mostly include deer, mountain sheep, fallow deer, roe deer and wild-boar. Many quality hides and a dense network of well-maintained hunting paths create convenient conditions for individual hunters. The offer for groups of hunters includes the driving of game by beaters and dogs.

Wine-making in Topoľčianky

The tradition of wine-growing dates back to the first half of the 18th century, when it was started by the lord of the chateau, Earl Keglevich. Topoľčianky is well-known for growing grapes of characteristic quality. Wine made from the grapes is produced under the Chateau Topoľčianky label which is very popular in Slovakia as well as abroad.

Virgin Mary pilgrimage

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims gather every second Sunday in July in a pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary of the Scapulary. This tradition started in 1686.